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Hey there! I’m Marie!

Health & Wellness Expert • Personal & Corporate High Performance Coach



I take individuals & entire companies from being pooped out to pumped up!

I Created The Ultimate Weapon for Wellness

In today’s post-pandemic landscape, we need more than a smoothie and supplements for wellness. 

So I created the ultimate wellness weapon…

The Healthy Habits Framework

My all encompassing wellness program, is fun, simple and a powerful shift kick to unlocking optimal health, achieving peak performance and activating untapped potential. 

Whether you’re an individual aiming for greater personal accomplishments or a company intent on reaching new heights, my approach will propel you toward record success.

Your Red Carpet Pass To Wellness 

Let’s connect and explore how I can support you with your distinct needs, desires, and goals.

55-minute Check Up Call

If you're a company or corporation...

Want to get a big “taste” of what I offer in a small bite of time? Ask about our 1-3 Day Wellness Pop-ups! 

Big Hugs! 🤗 Big Health! ♥️ Big Life! 🎯

X😘 Marie

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