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Are You a Powerhouse, High-
Performance Entrepreneur or

Career-Driven Woman?

You're the maestrA! Juggling a full life, a bustling schedule, and responsibilities that
extend far beyond the boundaries of your work.

You're a force to be reckoned with.

But here's a question: 

Are you neglecting your most important asset - YOU? 

I get it!

 I Get You! 

In fact, in some pretty fundamental ways,

 I am YOU!

Hey there! I’m Marie!

Six years ago, I hit a wall...

I was burnt out, bloated, and exhausted. My reflection in the mirror looked like a strange

I thought I was ticking all the boxes:

● Annual Check-ups
● Clean Diet
● Diligent Exercise Routine
● Sprinkles of Gratitude
● Fairly Regular Meditation

But... my hormones were staging a revolt, my responsibilities were ramping up, my
focus was scattered, and my body was firing off stress signals like a siren.
So, what did I do?
Did I hit the pause button, tune in, and listen?
Ummm… No!
I did what I'd always done, what you're probably doing right now…
Instead of paying attention and slowing down,
I just worked harder.

Sound Familiar?

I know how hard it is to change a habit!

Which is why it took a 5-alarm wakeup call for me to change…

My Wake Up Call

My dad was in excellent shape. He was active, physically strong, and looked great!
But that wasn't enough.
My father had an unexpected, devastating stroke.
And I, a postgraduate nurse with 30 years of experience, didn't have enough knowledge
about health to do a dang thing to heal my dad.

My inability to help him recover shattered my heart - all I could do was oversee his rehabilitation.

A Personal Revelation

Throughout his recovery, I became aware of the ways in which I had taken my own health and well-being for granted. I realized that I could be next.

You could say that the unexpected plot twist in my dad's life, his stroke, led me to open an entirely new chapter in my life, which ultimately guided me to experience a stroke of genius.

My Quest

I had been trained in how to handle sickness. I had not been trained in how to develop wellness

When I understood this, I made a vow to myself and our Creator to understand health from the perspective of increasing wellness and to empower, lead, mentor, inspire, and support women to love themselves, to take time for self care, and to develop and increase their wellness, vitality, mental clarity and power in every area of their lives. 

With an intense and wild passion, I embarked on a life long quest to research every aspect of innovation in holistic health, natural healing methods, and age reversal.

I Found My Calling - I Found My Happy Place

Since then, I've dived ever more deeply into alternative and functional medicine: from women's hormones to optimizing hydration to reversing fatigue, stress, brain fog, muffin tops, thinning hair, crepey skin, brittle nails, and weakening bones.


I discovered the difference between biological and cellular age, proper meal planning for nourishment and nutritional needs, safe weight loss, increased brain functioning, improved mood, enhanced sex drive, and the importance of mind-body-heart-spirit connection.

I Am Your Bridge to Wellness

Now, I'm your bridge to cutting-edge health and wellness knowledge. I'm passionate about bringing you and your precious body back into balance.

♥️ Health and wellness has been overcomplicated.♥️

The Healthy Habits Framework simplifies your health and wellness.♥️♥️♥️

I Created The Ultimate Weapon for Wellness

In a post-pandemic environment, I've created the ultimate weapon for wellness: My program, The Healthy Habits Framework, will empower you to revitalize your health, reclaim your radiance, and re-electrify your life force vitality.

I'm ready!

Your Personal Wellness Transformation

If you're tired of sifting through contradictory health advice and desire to work with a credible source who has both a medical background and a holistic understanding of health, look no further. My easy to follow, highly transformative program will change your life and empower you to feel and look sexy in your own skin again.

A Critical Question

You're busy, you demand a lot from yourself, and life isn't slowing down. 

Ask yourself another, even more critical question: 

Do you really have the time right now to make the necessary changes by yourself to be at the top of your game with your health? 

Cuz I think the answer is NO! 

Your Red Carpet Pass To Wellness 

If you know it's time to prioritize your health and fill up your wellness cup, if it's the perfect time to liberate your life force and look and feel beautiful now and at every stage of your life, then book a complimentary Health, Wellness & Vitality Check-up call with me on Zoom now!

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